Here is a listing of some Marathon NET-Related Sites:

Marathon Central - - - -

Marathon Central is the biggy, it is maintained by Tristan Horn, and provides links to all, not jut NET Marathon Sites.

Marathon Cantina - - - -

Marathon Cantina is a Site deicated to the Marathon NET Player. It has a very long listing of people who would want to play Marathon one on one over IPRemote.

Marathon Maps - - - -

Marathon Maps is a Site which all it has . . .are NET maps, as well as Solo, Novelty, as well as modified Bungie Maps. So . . You want more NET maps, go there to get them.

#marathon on IRC - - - - go to #marathon on IRC, If you want to talk
Marathon, or NET Marathon, go to this channel.
TallyHo is the main bot on the channel, but there are
also others.

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