Do you have something you want to say? Do you have some
suggestions you'd want to tell me about on how I could inprove
the quality of Marathon NET Magazine? Or do you just want to
send in your NET Map that you've been working on for the past 2 months? If you you asking yourself any of those questions, and others as well, you've come to the right article.

You can send all Comments/Suggestions to me at

Stuff I'll take in:

1. Maps. (To be reviewed)
2. Physics Models. (To be reviewed)
3. Art. (Marathon NET Art, I'll be happy to take it in.)
4. Other. (NET Hacks, NET Icons, etc . . . . )

Make sure all submissions sent to me are either BinHexed or are Stuffit Compressed. Submissions must be your own work, and not someone elses. Authors will be fully credited for there work if used in Marathon NET Magazine. If I get your Map, Physics Model, etc . . . does not mean I'll review it. I'll be glad to review lots, but if I get flooded with Maps, it can take a very long time, and in alot of cases, I just might not get around to reviewing it at all as said above. (Same goes for alot of other NET-Related Submissions.) Also, all submissions sent to me over 500k, make sure you say the exact size of the submission in the subjext . . .example: "NetArt. (645k)", just something like that or very similar.

Send all submissions to

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